Writing Naked


A different kind of post today….

I often read other writers work and wonder how they were able to express their inner pain and struggles, their passions and regrets, their fears and anxieties in a way that bears their soul. Bears it so humbly… so raw… I feel it’s writing naked.

Not literally of course… well maybe some do, but I mean it in a proverbial sense. I mean it because I dream of writing in this capacity.

It’s scary. Laying oneself out bare and open. Do we ever really write what we think? Do we bare our inner soul’s minds deepest, darkest thoughts?
Our hates.
Our loves.
Our fears.
Our demons.
Our tempest soul?

I think I worry too much what people will think of me. Although for the most part I don’t really care what people think of me. Oxymoron???

The dirt is clean.
The dirt of the mind… is it clean?

Writing naked.
We are self-protecting creatures by nature. Whether it be our ego that steps up and screams, “NO YOU DON’T!”
Writing naked.
We are self-preserving creatures by nature. Our mind won’t allow the door of our heart to swing wide open.
Writing naked.
We are self-fulfilling creatures by nature. We can make what we believe happen if we believe it hard enough.

The tempest of the mind is screaming. The mistakes. The anguish. The tears that have soiled the bed.

What is writing naked really?
What does it matter when the chances of someone reading it is slim to none?

Until next time,



2_emailver_gerber daisy

“We think too much and feel too little.” author unknown

Our thought life will determine our attitudes and feelings. It can be the light that shines the way or it can be the darkness that controls our fears. Either way, I am a firm believer that it your choice in which line of thought processing you live with.

I’ve always told the children that what they feed will grow and what they starve will die. This is true with living creatures as well as our thought life.

I try so desperately to reiterate they’re need to use the Lord as their guide for all their thoughts and actions.
It’s Him after all that we are striving to please…
Him that we invite into our heart and mind or shun away ashamedly at what we’re feasting our soul on…

Life if filled with temptations. Sadly though, poor choices seem much more readily available.  The world and it’s allurements entice ones mind to stray away from what they know to be good, true and right.

I often wonder why…
Why the Lord allows things to happen…
Why such bad things happen to good people…

Faith. Strength. Trust.
On these three things we rush on to each day.
We can stumble along in wonderment and constantly questioning… but really, where will we be in the end with this line of thinking?

Lonely. Afraid. Confused.
So many are tempted with these thoughts.
We don’t have to stumble. He is there to ever lead and direct our paths so that we can rise above the circumstances.

Rise… be calm… be alive…

Your thoughts will have two consequences, and they are simply joy or sorrow.
What are you feeding your soul?

Until next time,

The End Equals The Beginning


We come face to face with a decision that needs to be made.

It’s not the easiest choice to make, but the most necessary one….
One that will lead to peace…
One that will drive you in a direction… a path… a motion…

You’ve stared at it for so long… so long that you’ve memorized the lines that would be said.
The facial expressions you’d make…
Felt the tears running down your face…
Nurtured the fears… the racing heart…
Soothed yourself from the torment that loomed over you for long.

The end.

It’s amazing how it feels…
Passions that were quenched rise to the surface.
They were suffocated for so long.
Stolen away for the right reasons… at least at the time.

The sun is shining and there will be clouds ahead, but the peace that fills your soul and mind is breath taking.
You look out the window with renewed vigor.
You feel again…

The end equals the beginning of something so much more wonderful.

Choices in life…

Unknown origin of photo

Unknown origin of photo

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” ~Carl Jung

The little boys are getting a bit stir crazy with having to be cooped in the house with all the wet weather we’ve been having.

They went outside and headed right for the mud puddles. What is it about little boys and girls and mud puddles?  There’s like this magnetic force that draws them in mysteriously calling out, “Come over here little boy! I would be sooooo much fun to jump in and make a total mess of yourself!”  So goes with little people.  It wonders me often why they make the choice to become disgustingly filthy…

Adults like children make choices. Sometimes we jump in proverbial puddles so to speak.  Too often decisions are made hastily… hence the boys jumping in the puddle getting themselves soaked and muddy. Too often decisions are made when emotions are not in proper perspective.

Whatever the situation, a far-reaching view is necessary when making life altering decisions.

No, little boys jumping in puddles is not life altering… but what about choosing an occupation and whether to begin or end a relationship? These can have long-lasting impacts on one’s life.

I often tell my children to think before they speak or do… think about what effect the decision will have not only on themselves but others.  As my daughter, almost twenty, has told me… “They are my decisions to make…”

Yes they are… so make them wisely.
Until next time,

Self-fullfilling Prophecies


“What you think, you become; What you feel, you attract; What you imagine, you create.”
~Author Unknown

In psychology this statement would be referred to as self-fulfilling prophecies.  Can negative experiences in ones home-life, school days and work environment play a factor so strongly that it could consume and destroy ones life? What about positive stimuli effecting the opposite? “You’re an idiot!” or “You’re an absolute genius!”… if one of these statements is continually reinforced in one’s life, will it be the determining factor for that individual?

I believe it can… but I don’t think it has to. I can speak from personal experience… I grew up in a dysfunctional home in more ways than you can shake a stick at. I was not physically or sexually abused, but there were other factors that could have had a devastating effect on me. I believe there are certain things I struggle with because of the issues… but there is no way in the world I would ever allow them to control or destroy me  ….I’m too stubborn and strong-willed.

I refuse to let anything have control over me. I refuse to let the negative factors of my child-hood play that big a role in my life. I believe that they have effected the way I deal with things… and I wish I could have more victory, but I recognize it and continue to strive with the Lord’s help to press on to be better… to be stronger… to be victorious.

What you tell a child, how you treat a child and how you respond to a child can play a critical factor in the development of a child’s personality and the way they feel about themselves.  It will surely have its toll…

If you have allowed some negative things to affect your life, step back and take a deep breath and say to yourself…
“I will believe I am something good… and become that.  I will feel I am worthwhile, and I will attract that worthiness. I will imagine the life I want… and I will work at creating it.”
… and you can.

We were all children once… some of us have emotional scars and wounds.  Some of us have children and wish to be better parents and not repeat the mistakes of our parents.  And you can…. by trusting in Him and looking to the source of hope… you can.

“I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13
Until next time,



“The content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you do is who you become.” ~Heraclitus

Character is one thing that once you’ve acquired it, it becomes one with you.
The potential for a desirable character is one that should be sought after.
No matter what you attempt, you’ll eventually become what you think of yourself.
You’ll fill your life with what you feel… what you want to be… what you desire.
You are what you allow yourself to spend time with, at and in.

There’s a children’s song that goes, ‘Be careful little eyes what you see; be careful little ears what you hear; be careful little feet where you go.’ There’s something very awe-inspiring in these childish lyrics. Something so true and daunting.

What you feed grows, what you starve dies… so is true not just with living things, but with our minds and souls and hearts.

My children think I go overboard with some things… and maybe I do.  But my motives are very good and right.

They are love.
Love for their souls and their lives.

Our children will accuse us of being overbearing and too strict. They don’t understand that we genuinely want what’s best for them… for their souls. Children are seeking adventure and those forbidden things are oh so tempting.

My daughter is much like myself… that’s good and that’s bad. She is strong-willed (like me) and very determined (like me). We butt heads occasionally because of this. I want so desperately to protect her… but she has informed me, on more than one occasion, that she will have to learn some things on her own. It’s her life and she realizes that she’ll make mistakes along the road… but their her mistakes to be made. True enough.

But as a mother, I long to grab her up and hold onto her and protect her from all the evil and dangers. I long to be the shield that goes before her to withstand all the fiery darts of the wicked one.

I want to be… her mommy like when she was little.
I am not and neither is she.
Taylor is a young woman with drive and determination.
She will overcome. She will succeed. She will be the woman I know God created her to be…

Until next time,



“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us all about life.” Author unknown.

My children are a constant inspiration to me… that’s for sure.  Their lives lend a hand to teaching this mother very specific life lessons.

It’s hunting season here in the Thumb of Michigan and the boys are all revved up and ready to go. My boys are avid hunters right on down to Ryan, my eleven year old.

The other evening my oldest son Kyle came in from working and was in his usual chipper mood. He always was a pleasant child and is equally so as a young man of just sixteen.

So he comes in and starts chattering away as he gets the super I’d been keeping warm for him out of the oven and makes his plate. I told him I’d do it, but he waved me off… some days he does, and some days he doesn’t want mom to take care of that 😉

He begins relating a story he’d read in a hunting magazine about an eleven year old that got a twelve point buck. He described in detail the story and gestured how the youth was in the photo and his expressions were surly as excited as the lucky hunters.  I just sat there enjoying the time as he shared with me realizing that each of these moments is so precious to my heart.

As I sat there and listened I couldn’t help but feel this pang inside my heart… this great big love and hope that he would get a nice big buck this season as well, or at least a doe. He is so good-natured that even when he goes out and someone else gets something and he doesn’t he is honestly happy for them. He isn’t envious and bad natured about it at all. His spirit is one that finds joy in others accomplishments while getting excited about his next chance.

He is a teacher to his mom.
He shows maturity that many adults lack.
He truly has a Christ-centered attitude when it comes to the golden rule.
He exemplifies Christ’s greatest commandment… to love thy neighbor as thyself.

My hearts prayer today is that my children will know they’ve each shined forth as teachers of love in my life.

Until next time,