“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us all about life.” Author unknown.

My children are a constant inspiration to me… that’s for sure.  Their lives lend a hand to teaching this mother very specific life lessons.

It’s hunting season here in the Thumb of Michigan and the boys are all revved up and ready to go. My boys are avid hunters right on down to Ryan, my eleven year old.

The other evening my oldest son Kyle came in from working and was in his usual chipper mood. He always was a pleasant child and is equally so as a young man of just sixteen.

So he comes in and starts chattering away as he gets the super I’d been keeping warm for him out of the oven and makes his plate. I told him I’d do it, but he waved me off… some days he does, and some days he doesn’t want mom to take care of that 😉

He begins relating a story he’d read in a hunting magazine about an eleven year old that got a twelve point buck. He described in detail the story and gestured how the youth was in the photo and his expressions were surly as excited as the lucky hunters.  I just sat there enjoying the time as he shared with me realizing that each of these moments is so precious to my heart.

As I sat there and listened I couldn’t help but feel this pang inside my heart… this great big love and hope that he would get a nice big buck this season as well, or at least a doe. He is so good-natured that even when he goes out and someone else gets something and he doesn’t he is honestly happy for them. He isn’t envious and bad natured about it at all. His spirit is one that finds joy in others accomplishments while getting excited about his next chance.

He is a teacher to his mom.
He shows maturity that many adults lack.
He truly has a Christ-centered attitude when it comes to the golden rule.
He exemplifies Christ’s greatest commandment… to love thy neighbor as thyself.

My hearts prayer today is that my children will know they’ve each shined forth as teachers of love in my life.

Until next time,


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