Live Freely

“She fearlessly left her own cage.”

Brooke Danielle Reniger

 She fearlessly left her own cage.

What cage are you locked in?

Perplexing thought as I read the above quote on Facebook the other morning.

As I pondered it, my heart was overwhelmed.
The truth behind the quote gnawed at my soul…

Because I knew this is what I just did…
I left it… to live freely
yet not without fear… but bravely… oxymoron….humph.

We’re all in a cage of some sort.

I know I was… the sad thing was, I put myself in it.
I kept myself in it.
The agony of that self-inflicted cage became an overwhelming and delusional place.
I believed that it would stop… that things would get better.

Don’t go back to the past because you will only rewind it over and over again.
It never changes.

What’s amazing is this cage can only be felt by the constrained in it… the captors don’t see it.
They don’t believe they’d do such a thing.
Why did I stay in that cage for so long?
I know within my heart why… but those that I sacrificed for mock…

People can be fed poison without even knowing it.
They can become so engrossed in the activities… that they become the norm… the toxicity becomes what is normal.
But it’s not.

How do you teach them something different?
How do you teach them the truth when they believe the lie?

Living the truth and seeing the lie eventually becomes their reality.
You’re not there to blame for the behavior anymore… but the behavior never changes.
Difficult as that may be to comprehend.
The innocent become the victim and suddenly take on the form of the oppressed.

Walk away friend.
Walk away and be live freely.
You who are living it understand.

Walk away….
…and live freely.

Until next time,


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