The Love of a Child


A few weeks ago it was a warm, sunny day and I was canning.  All of a sudden Evan comes storming in the house and runs up to me.  Looking at me so innocently he says, “Mom…. the sun is shining and it’s warm outside. Why don’t you come out…(very, very exaggerated with the ‘out’).

“Well Evan… I wish I could, but mom’s got to get these tomatoes canned…”

“But the sun is shining… just don’t can!”

I stopped what I was doing and looked at him. My heart was radiating such love for my dear little boy who knows how much his mom treasures being outdoors.  I wiped my hands on a towel and knelt down so I could look him in his eyes… “Evan… if I don’t can what would we eat?”

“Just buy the stuff!” he says quite emphatically without truly understanding what that would mean.

I gazed in his eyes a bit and with my hands on his elbows brought him closer to me.  “Evan… we could never buy all the good things that mom cans for us. I know what we are eating and I don’t want to buy those things in the store. That’s why we garden… and that’s why I can. I wish I could come outside, but I love you so much, I’m going to finish canning…”

He looked at me with his just-turned six-year-old eyes and I could tell he was trying to understand, but in his heart, he wanted me to be happy in the sunshine and the gardens… with him.

I often talk about my love for my children and just the overall love of a mother… but what about the unconditional love our children have for us?

They’re so forgiving of our busyness… of our short tempers…
They’re always there with a hug, a kiss and big “I love you’s”…

They’re inquisitive natures and insatiable curiosities can be overwhelming some days…  But I must remember… they won’t be little long.

My hearts prayer is that as my children grow into adulthood they will always know how much I cherished their unconditional love…

Until next time,


7 thoughts on “The Love of a Child

  1. I have five children, all now in their fifties. (Unbelievably) and there is seldom a day that one or two of them haven’t called to share some part of their life. The 9 grandchildren include us in all their endeavors. I believe, Jean you will have those same blessing as they get older Because you do love and care about them.

  2. I have a 32 year old and a 28 year old I still have the same love and fortunately they do of me!! So cherish any time with your loved ones as whether they are little or big it is the time to connect that matters. Love to you and your son!!

  3. so true. sometimes i feel child is much better than a adult 🙂 but all humans have to experience the life cycle and hopefully the bond continues.

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