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“We think too much and feel too little.” author unknown

Our thought life will determine our attitudes and feelings. It can be the light that shines the way or it can be the darkness that controls our fears. Either way, I am a firm believer that it your choice in which line of thought processing you live with.

I’ve always told the children that what they feed will grow and what they starve will die. This is true with living creatures as well as our thought life.

I try so desperately to reiterate they’re need to use the Lord as their guide for all their thoughts and actions.
It’s Him after all that we are striving to please…
Him that we invite into our heart and mind or shun away ashamedly at what we’re feasting our soul on…

Life if filled with temptations. Sadly though, poor choices seem much more readily available.  The world and it’s allurements entice ones mind to stray away from what they know to be good, true and right.

I often wonder why…
Why the Lord allows things to happen…
Why such bad things happen to good people…

Faith. Strength. Trust.
On these three things we rush on to each day.
We can stumble along in wonderment and constantly questioning… but really, where will we be in the end with this line of thinking?

Lonely. Afraid. Confused.
So many are tempted with these thoughts.
We don’t have to stumble. He is there to ever lead and direct our paths so that we can rise above the circumstances.

Rise… be calm… be alive…

Your thoughts will have two consequences, and they are simply joy or sorrow.
What are you feeding your soul?

Until next time,


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