The End Equals The Beginning


We come face to face with a decision that needs to be made.

It’s not the easiest choice to make, but the most necessary one….
One that will lead to peace…
One that will drive you in a direction… a path… a motion…

You’ve stared at it for so long… so long that you’ve memorized the lines that would be said.
The facial expressions you’d make…
Felt the tears running down your face…
Nurtured the fears… the racing heart…
Soothed yourself from the torment that loomed over you for long.

The end.

It’s amazing how it feels…
Passions that were quenched rise to the surface.
They were suffocated for so long.
Stolen away for the right reasons… at least at the time.

The sun is shining and there will be clouds ahead, but the peace that fills your soul and mind is breath taking.
You look out the window with renewed vigor.
You feel again…

The end equals the beginning of something so much more wonderful.


2 thoughts on “The End Equals The Beginning

  1. Really feelin’ this one Jean!
    I was in a bad relationship and ended it a little over a year ago. It was (as this says) something that needed to be done years ago, but I kept convincing myself that I just needed to work harder at it.

    I did feel like the weight of the world was lifted off of me when it ended, and now my life is great.
    Six months ago, I received an email from a woman that bought Fortresses, thanking me for writing the book. We began to email back and forth, talking about her dad, who was also a WW2 vet and part of an elite sniper group on skis in Italy (which it what inspired the biathalon in the Olympics), and my dad.

    Then we started talking on the phone and found we really had a lot in common, so we met in person.
    We are both enjoying life now,,,and if all goes well, will be married on June 7th!

    • Hey Tom…
      Thanks so much for the kind words… they mean a lot to me coming from you… really.
      I am so happy for you and I hope the best for you and your lovely lady… all things happen for a reason.
      Looking forward to seeing everyone soon…

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