One’s heart…


We open our hearts to both love and pain.  It’s inevitable really…

To love, as well as hate are choices we as an individual personally make.

We choose to accept someone into our lives, into our hearts…
…and then all too soon we realize it was the best decision we ever made or the biggest mistake…

So often our ‘gut’ tells us what we don’t want to hear.
It’s honest, this intuition that God has intuitively designed into our being…. that sixth sense some refer to it as.

I believe in it.
I trust it.
It has never led me astray… even when I’ve chosen to ignore it.
It was right even when I chose to shove it off to the side.
It was right when I hated it because it wasn’t what I wanted to feel.

We want love because love fulfills.
We want to love because giving love fills a void of emptiness and longing.
Our hearts are open battle fields.
Some will use and abuse it, while others will cherish and nurture it.

It is up to us what and who we allow into our lives.
It’s a conscious decision to open ones heart up to an individual… to let someone in.

Someone to know your strengths and weaknesses…
Your good days along with the bad.
It isn’t easy… and the decision is that much more difficult…
How do you know?
How does one trust when there has been so much pain and lies in the past?

The gut.
Trust the gut and don’t shove it aside…

I believe the gut is the Holy Spirit given by the Lord to protect us.
He will protect one’s heart… if allowed.

Until next time,


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