What haunts your soul?

Posted by Nikitash Paterakis

What haunts your soul? What dark thing dwells in you that hinders you from growing and moving forward?

Is it the regrets you allow your mind to linger in? Regrets deep within that no one else can?
Is it the torment that flows through your veins when you dwell on the mistakes you’ve made?
Is it the pain you’ve allowed for so long while you dreamed of freedom from the tormentor?
Is it the guilt that overwhelms your nights as you lie bathing your pillow with tears?

When you look into your past and focus on it to the point where you cannot move forward, you have to stop and ask yourself why?
Why are you allowing it to have this impact on you?

No matter how much one dwells on the demons of our pasts… nothing changes.
Nothing becomes focused or clear.
Nothing grows from it.
Nothing blossoms into beauty.
nothing good comes from dwelling on past hurts.

Some of us have lived with the demons because of others insecurities.
Some of us have chosen to stay in situations because we can’t grasp the thought off moving away from it.

What are you afraid of?

Is it the thought of being alone?
Is it the dread of failure?
Is it the threat of ….

What is keeping you from the freedom that your soul is longing after?
What is holding you in bondage?

We all desire peace and happiness. We all long for the freedom that allows our soul to live unencumbered…

…dancing in the light of the moon…
…singing in the rain….
…strolling through a quiet wood listening to the leaves rustle in the trees…
…feeling the warmth of the sun and its power to direct your path.

Life is filled with demons.
Life is filled with fears.
Life is filled with…

Today choose the path that will lead you away from those things that haunt your soul.
Today step away and trust in the power that is within you to be strong and live.

Fear will consume.
Freedom will blossom.

Believing in your self-worth will bring you to a point where you can find joy in your life.

Until next time,





“Mother’s Accomplishments”

A poem by Alice Hawthorne in praise of mothers…

Winter... it's here.

“Mother’s Accomplishments”
by, Alice Hawthorn

What is home without a mother?
What are all the living joys we meet
When her loving smile no longer
Greets the coming of our feet?
The days seem long, the nights seem drear,
And time rolls slowly on,
And, Oh! how few are childhood’s pleasures
When her gentle care is gone.

Things we prize are first to vanish,
Hearts we love to pass away;
And how soon, e’en in our childhood,
We behold her turning gray;
Her eye grows dim, her step is slow;
Her joys of earth are past;
And sometimes ere we learn to know her,
She hath breathed on earth her last.

Older hearts may have their sorrows,
Griefs that quickly die away,
But a mother lost from day to day;
We miss her kind, her willing hand,
Her fond and honest care;
And, oh, how dark is life around us!
What is home without her care?

…let us look to our mother’s while we have them,
Until next time,

Times Ticking On…

sWinter... it's here.

As I was folding laundry the other day I started thinking about my time… realizing as I’ve gotten older time appears to be moving faster and I am moving slower. It frightens me to a certain degree, yet it makes me want to push harder and focus my time and energy on what matters. When we look at our life and what each day holds… all the schedules and responsibilities we’re faced with, we can begin to feel weighed down. As I pondered this, I realized I don’t like to waste my time on things I know I won’t do well at and things I don’t enjoy. I tend to drift towards my comfort zones and areas of expertise. Although I’m not afraid to try new things I’ve become enamored with, I just wouldn’t bother with things that aren’t important to me… my time is so precious that I must stay focused.

I must concentrate first on my relationship with my Saviour Jesus… then my marriage and raising our children… then on my personal love of gardens and writing. This is where my heart is screaming to be… my mind and soul are fighting a battle as the current of life is flowing downstream and I’m wrestling up stream. I have to stop and go… go with the flow of my life and stop trying to force things into a mold that I don’t fit in…

I want to grow deeper in my Christian walk… become better friends with my husband… play with and get to know my children. I want to write about all these things that I love… I want to be selfish about my time and stop giving where I don’t want to. I want to be who Christ made me to be….

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…” Ecclesiastes 3:1
Until next time,
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It’s been a year now since I started writing “Wren In The Willow”…
When I started writing this blog my goal was for it to express my Christian walk as a woman, wife and mother and to show how the Lord helps me through the everyday things in life. I wanted it to be a witnessing tool to those that are searching for joy and peace… the joy and peace that can only be truly had in HIM and HIS perfect love… 

I remember a good friend told me that I should go back after a couple months and read my first few writings and then see if my ‘goal’ is holding true…or if I am swaying away from the original purpose.  I’ve taken that advice several times and I believe that it has held true. I think Wren has grown … like me… my Christian walk I hope is continuing to grow as I am nurtured in and through His Word.

Like a child, it can only grow when fed and nurtured properly… with milk, fruit and veggies and wholesome food.  Our children can’t grow when fed pop and candy and all the junk food that is available.  A child needs it’s parents to teach it right and wrong, feed it uplifting and up building things and care for it’s spiritual growth… more is caught than taught is a very true saying.
Neither can a Christian grow with the things of the world… we must grow in and through Him… through daily devotions and meditations on His word. 

Wren, like I said in the beginning was my ‘new baby’… I personally think she is growing beautifully and I certainly hope that you have enjoyed reading her over the last year as much as I have enjoyed sharing my heart with you…

Until next time,

The Heart Of A Child

“Father and mother are the most precious jewels to children as children are the most precious jewels to father and mother.” Philippine proverb

“I want you to be proud of me…” say’s my little Evan as he is working at zipping up his jacket.  You see he just learned this task that we adults pretty much take for granted.  He was so pleased with himself and wanted so badly for me to be as thrilled… and so came those precious, innocent words. His big blue eyes just shining with excitement… then a bit of frustration because it wasn’t going so well suddenly, and then back to joy when the thing finally went up… about two minutes of labor!  Now that doesn’t sound like a long time but seriously, just sit and look at a zipper for two full minutes… it’s a long time…even more so for a five year old.

After all this he scampered outside just as happy as could be to where Neil & Kyle were cutting firewood to help.  He is such a big, cheerful helper… he is not content with just running the lever on the log splitter, no he wants to haul the firewood and stack it!  He want’s his dad to be proud of him…

This is such human nature isn’t it? We all want to feel appreciated and liked… to have friends that care for us… There is nothing wrong with this, it is natural and well meant.  We are by God’s design created to be ‘together’, not alone.  Even the Bible talks about not forsaking the gathering together… God want’s us to be together in our church services… God designed the family… He gave Eve to Adam so he wouldn’t be alone…

Today as we look around at the ones we love, let us be thankful for what we have…

“You are the trip I did not take, You are the pearls I did not buy, You are my blue Italian lake, You are my piece of foreign sky.” Anne Campbell

Until next time,

Stumble and Pray

“They that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing.”  Psalm 34:10

When our children started taking their first steps they would stumble and fall and we would keep encouraging them on… “keep trying… good job… yup, do it again…” are things that we would say.  They would stumble often at first and then before we knew it they were running and we were saying, “Stop running in the house!”  We didn’t want them to fall and hurt themselves, yet we knew that was all part of the process… we would be close enough to catch them so they didn’t hurt themselves as we guided them along… hands outstretched behind them as they toddled forward.   How time flies and as we look back onto those happy days when they were little and learning we can see other times when they fell… learning to ride a bike and ice skating to name a couple.  Oh how our hearts ached when all of a sudden, THUD! But again… all part of the learning process.

As adults we too stumble and fall… we have days where we fail… days we wish we could erase from time and memories… but that isn’t possible with humans… but it is with God. As we repent for our failings and look unto Him for forgiveness He is there… The Bible says that God loves a broken and contrite heart.  Each day is a new day and with that new day we have Christ by our side guiding our way.  How it aches our Heavenly Father when we go THUD! The key is prayer… stumble and pray… stumble and pray… He will lead the way… all part of the learning process.

Do we call out to the Lord when we stumble or do we sit there awhile and wallow in our failings?  The latter is not what the Lord would want from us… He desires us to look up to Him immediately, reaching up for His hand to pick us up.  But you say, there is no hand… Yes my friend there is… the hand is His Word… God’s precious promises are all found there… but we must turn to it… feed on it. Then and only then can we have peace… only there can we find it. When we stumble and fall friends, get up! Reach for His word and seek His help.  Oh how precious it is when He presses upon your heart to go to a certain scripture and there is the answer or the hope you were longing for …. only in prayer… only in supplication can it be found…

“Prayer is an indispensable part of our relationship with Jesus Christ.” Laurel Oke Logan

Until next time,

Strenth and Weekness

“For my strength is made perfect in weakness.”  2Corinthians 12:9

“God will have no strength used in his battles but the strength which he himself imparts. Are you mourning over your own weakness? Take courage, for there must be a consciousness of weakness before the Lord will give thee victory. Your emptiness is but the preparation for your being filled, and your casting down is but the making ready for your lifting up.”  Charles Spurgeon

With having five sons this is a challenging scripture to impart into their minds… after all they are men in the making.  Kyle and Ethan especially are young ‘men’ and like to test their strengths against one another. They will often wrestle and challenge one another to races and so forth… very normal ‘boy’ behavior. 

Teaching this ‘weakness’ mentality to growing young men as a mom is also a challenge. There is the example thing again… I need to concentrate on being an example to them.  Yesterday  I took Kyle and Ethan out hunting. While we were getting ready to go, I realized that I had ‘misplaced’ something of great value… I prayed, but I just couldn’t find it.  After a bit of looking around and more prayer, I finally came across it.  Suddenly Kyle came in from looking in the truck and said, “Did you find it?”… “Yes,” I said, “I did!” with tears almost filling my eyes.  Kyle said, “I prayed Mom!”  Oh the faith of a child… or young man!  So we left then and I dropped off my two young men at the side of the road for them to trek into the woods… we prayed that they would get something and off they went. I watched them go and they turned back and waved… they will never truly know or understand the love of a mother… but I have to focus on the example of showing the love… Christ’s love.

Christ was a man with the same like passions the scriptures teach us… yet He never sinned.  Where did his strength lie some may wonder and ask… it lied in His Father above.  He was challenged with every temptation that we know today, yet He never sinned.  Jesus is our example to live by today… He is the one that we can turn to in our times of temptations… we just need to remember to look up as He did… our perfect example.  We do not need to stumble and fall… we just need to be remained focused on our walk with Him and not anyone else… just my own.  To remain focused on that is where the challenge lies, at least for me. I believe though, that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me… and so can you!

Until next time,