Precious Moments of Motherhood


“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” ~Elizabeth Stone

I just love when Evan comes in with his hands behind his back… then right behind him is little brother Aaron with his behind his back. They both have these cute, smirkey smiles like they’ve got this great big surprise for their mom.

Evan says, “Guess which hand mom?” Then Aaron giggles…

So like a good mom, I guess, secretly hoping I’m wrong because that makes them giggle all the more.

Both boys laugh and quickly throw their arms forward with whatever little treasure they’ve brought in for me. I laugh along with them giving them both big hugs and grateful words of praise for such a wonderful treasure. Off they skip outside full of glee. Ohhh to be six and three…

Motherhood is filled with days like this along with the not so happy ones. But thankfully I can say that for the most part I love being a mommy. I love the daily surprises some scary while others exciting.

They do own our hearts, don’t they? They have us mommies wrapped around their little lives from sun up till sun down. We nurture, feed, clothe, play and shower love upon them. It’s so much more fun to be a happy mom… one who doesn’t have grumpy days or loose ones temper too fast or say a hasty word in frustration.  But honestly, we have plenty of those days too…

But ya know what… that’s life. And some days life is full of sunshine and smiles while others are filled with sorrow and tears. It’s what we do with those things that counts.

Do we look up and say, “Praise the Lord!” with the tears as well as the joys? We need too… we need to teach our children to reach up… to trust… to believe that something good’s going to come out of it all.

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