A Time to Live


“Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.” Author unknown.

How do I stop trying to take care of her?  How do I let her grow up and be the woman I know she’s meant to be?

Our children are under our protective wings for close to twenty years… Lord willing…
We carried them within our bodies for almost a year…
We felt them come alive as they pressed and flipped causing us to both flinch and giggle…
We heard their heartbeat through a monitor realizing this life was real and within us…
We saw them while they were yet in our wombs…

The birth.

The first touch.

Feeding them life.

Nourishing warmth in love.

Training them for life… whatever that may hold.

Their hearts, souls and minds are forever connected to us… mothers.

We spend so many years trying to teach them self-control, patience, forgiveness… the fruits of the spirit.

As we’ve grown, her and I, I’ve come to realize that I must let her be herself. With her own likes and dislikes. With her own desires and dreams.

I look over the last nineteen years and how I’ve grown. How I’ve failed. How I’ve battled. How I’ve loved…. and hated.

And I’ve come to realize the things that felt like they were killing my spirit have truly been the things that have kept me alive.

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “A Time to Live

  1. Our children are so important to us it’s hard to let go. So much of our lives are wrapped up in theirs. God is so good to have allowed us to be parents. I try to remind myself often that He loves them more than I do and knows what is best. But it is hard to let them go.

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