Our Inner Voice


“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” Rumi

Some people say this voice is intuition. Some people say it’s the Holy Spirit pressing upon your soul.  I think they are one in the same.

Have you ever been in the middle of something and all of a sudden you get a chill up your spine and goose bumps all over your body?

What about that anxious feeling where your stomach just hurts for no apparent reason?

I hate both those feelings.

The other night I was awakened out of a sound sleep and had that ‘feeling’… I started to pray… not exactly sure what for.  As I laid there I instantly thought of Taylor all the way in Indiana. Was she OK? Was something happening?

So I prayed. I prayed for a long time for her protection.

After awhile I felt a peace come over and I knew she was OK.  I laid there and envisioned her beautiful face in my mind… and I just knew. She was OK.

I’ve always believed that as moms we have this inner voice that tells us when we need to send prayers heavenward for our children. There’s a natural bond that lives within our souls that seems to connect with them no matter where they are… even on the other side of the world.

I laid there for a while longer until I drifted off to sleep… the last thing I remember thinking was how much I love and miss her…

Until next time,


8 thoughts on “Our Inner Voice

  1. It has taken me many years to become wise enough to slow down and heed my intuition. The day I thought, “Geez, I should really back up my computer.” was the day I didn’t and it suffered a crash. The morning I thought I really should go back and pick up the charger for my phone was the day that I had to work late and my phone battery died. The list goes on and on. Prayer is an excellent way to combat the anxiety that comes from trying to ignore that intuition. I have learned now to pay attention and act one what I can. I very much enjoyed your post. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Karin…
      Our intuition is a gift and I too have learned over the years to be very weary of it… whether it comes in the form of the goose bumps, anxious feeling… or even a little whisper in my minds soul…
      Be blessed,

  2. I got those feelings often when I was young and they turned out to be right so often that I started to believe that when I felt something I was right. As I grew older I found that, as a parent, I am often wrong. Perhaps it is the prayers I send that are answered to keep them safe. There was one time (that I wrote about tonight,) that the intuition was there to call and get concerned but I had no idea that something really was wrong.

    Thank you for your words.
    Missy Bell

  3. Jean, how beautiful to know that like it or not your always connected with the essence of your mother no matter where she’s at! Very heartwarming post. Thank you for sharing!

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