As Seen Through the Eyes of a Child


Aaron came down the stairs whining about how mean his big brother was being to him along with a whole string of jibber-jabber that I couldn’t quite make out. Into my lap he climbed and snuggled into my arms….  I consoled him and asked him, “Well Aaron, what did you do?”

“Naa-ting mom… me do naa-ting!” Well… I happen to know that my sweet little boy probably did something to make the big brother feel warranted in being mean.

Big brother came down the stairs with lots of justifications. After a lengthy discussion (all of about one minute and twenty-five seconds), on why he needed to set a better example to his little brother, everyone went back upstairs and all was well again.

There are two sides to every story… no matter what. Both the boys saw the situation from their own perspectives. We may have a tendency to side with one of the people involved in a situation, most often because of the relationship we share with them.  But there is always two sides to every story… and the reality of the situation is usually somewhere in between.

We all view what’s happening around us differently. Our perspective will be determined by several factors… primarily our ‘feelings’.

Our feelings are real… but they may not be based on the truth.

That’s not how our Heavenly Father works though… and it shouldn’t be how we as parents work either.  Our children rely on us to be fair and impartial without favoritism. As a mother of six children ranging from almost twenty on down to three, this poses occasional challenges.

I’m thankful for prayer and the ability to call upon Him for wisdom and ‘parental’ discernment.  It’s not always easy but He’ll be faithful in showing the way…. sometimes as seen through the eyes of a child.

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4 thoughts on “As Seen Through the Eyes of a Child

  1. It’s so true that there are always two sides (and viewpoints) of the story, and then there is the truth… which likely has some combination from both viewpoints. I recall it well from all of the frustrations growing up with my brother!

    Happy blogging!

    • Thanks for stopping by Melissa…
      As an only child and mother of six, I honestly struggle with understanding the ‘normal’ and ‘common’ bickering! My husband on the other hand is the youngest of six… so he gets it more and regularly encourages me, 😉
      Thanks for stopping by…

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