Wind In Their Sails


“Listen! The wind is rising and the air is wild with leaves.”  ~ Humbert Wolfe, Poet. 1885-1940

Have you ever considered the way children perceive things? Their minds are so innocent and untainted by the things of the world…

Innocence… beautiful innocence.

The other day I happened to be watching Evan and Aaron playing in their sandbox out the dining room window .  The wind had picked up and I wanted to check on what they were doing. It was blowing and rustling through the leaves of the great maple in our back yard.  Evan and Aaron were suddenly taken aback by a great sound coming from just above their heads. They stopped their game and looked up. They quietly gazed awhile with a look of awe on their sweet little faces.  I had to wonder what they were thinking…. such a sound, out of a normally quiet giant.

This tree provides our yard and patio with much shade… many memories of boys climbing… a raccoon running through its giant arms…
Such a ruckus it was creating in their peaceful afternoon.

It wasn’t long until they went back to their game and forgot about the noise.  I watched them for a while longer… they didn’t know I witnessed this little moment of their day.  A moment soon to be forgotten and never thought of again… such as so many moments in our lives.

Wouldn’t it be nice if other moments could be forgotten as easily?  The times we lost our patience and were hasty with our words and actions?

There is hope in a sincere apology… faith in a tender hug and kiss… compassion in a child’s eyes… tenderness in a mother’s embrace.

Just like our Heavenly Father awaits us with open arms and a willingness to forgive as we come in humble repentance… so is a child when a parent comes as well.

Then we can watch the wind return in their sail’s reviving their spirit as they skip away with joy in their hearts again…

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Wind In Their Sails

  1. The words you gave, “Just like our Heavenly Father awaits us with open arms and a willingness to forgive as we come in humble repentance… so is a child when a parent comes as well.” is very timely for my day today. It is really amazing how we can get caught up in the daily life of hustle and bustle, or we can forget to really consider how another person feels (kind of like being in their shoes). What a wonderful reminder and a wonderful post. Many blessings!

    • Thank you Jewel for such a lovely comment… I am so happy you were blessed by it.
      We are all human and fall short, but it is because we can turn to Him that it makes each day easier and better to bear…
      Blessings to you,

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