We all have gifts and talents. Some come naturally while others are learned and acquired.  My son Ethan’s mind is by all means mechanical. Ever since he was little, I’m talking three and four years old, he’s been taking things apart and trying to figure out ‘how’ they work…. sometimes to my dismay.

Ethan’s my quiet one, yet get him going on something he enjoys and he’s very talkative. He’s deeper, sensitive and very cautious. My other children say when he gets his driver’s license he’s going to drive like a ‘grandpa’… no offense to grandpa’s anywhere reading this, LOL.

What am I doing with my gifts? Am I using them for the honor and glory of He who gave them or am I building myself for my own glory?

This is a challenging and humbling thing to ponder.  Ethan is very humble and quiet about his skills. He goes along and just does it… without much fuss.

I believe humility is also a talent, one that may not come naturally for all, especially me. Ethan sets a positive example in this area and I hope he realizes how much he’s blessed my life and how happy I am to call him my son.

The Word says, to let another man praise thee… so by all means, I’ll praise him.

Until next time,


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