Death of a friend…


“To everything there is a time and a season… a time to born and a time to die…”

My daughters dog, Jake passed away yesterday…

He had cancer and we were expecting it… even so it was a sad day, especially for Taylor.

Many of you know that Taylor moved out of state a month ago leaving her beloved Jake behind.  Last week I thought for sure he was going, but he seemed to be hanging on… almost like he knew she’d soon be coming home.  Well she did this weekend and got to be with her boy one last time.

My mother heart feels her pain… it’s profoundly deep within my soul.  Her tears reach into the inner most part of my heart because I love her so.

They were the very best of friends and although I am no poet, this is for her…

Best Friends

He was your best friend for such a short time…
Oh what fun times you had…

The warm summer days going for walks… down to the river and down the field lane…
Laying side by side in the cool, cool grass just being together…

Your love was unconditional… it was true to the end
Such happy times the two of you had.

But he was sick and he knew his day was near…
He dreamed of being at rest.

But he pined and he longed for his girl to return,
For one last loving hug and pat…

 What he wanted most of all was to hear those last loving words…
“Good-bye my boy… I love you Jake…”

Some people may not understand the love between a dog and it’s owner, while others completely do. I believe with my whole heart Jake desperately held on for their final good bye.

Sunday morning they had that… as we drove away we saw him walk over to where we would later find him…

Until next time,

DPP_0015In loving memory of Jake


10 thoughts on “Death of a friend…

  1. What a lovely tribute. I’ve lost 3 of my best pals over the years and I have one 11 and one 12 right now. I know what coming so I treasure every day. They bring such joy and so much pain but I wouldn’t miss it for anything. Barbara

  2. My heart aches for the loss of your beloved family words can describe what we go thru in our loss..only those that experience the love and loss can begin to understand…RIP Jake…

  3. I should have known better than to read this post. I just can’t read about the loss of a beloved furry family member and not shed a few tears. I am sorry for your loss.

    P.S. I thought you did a great job with the poem. That is finally what got to me.

  4. I just went through the same thing and it was heart wrenching. There is a way a pet gets in your heart that no other being can. It has been a month and I still walk through my door expecting to see my precious dog looking up at me with adoring eyes and his stubby tail wagging. Prayers for your daughter as she deals with this loss.

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