“There are some people who always seem angry and continuously look for conflict. Walk away; the battle they are fighting isn’t with you, it is with themselves.”  Author Unknown

Conflict is a real part of our lives that we all face each day. Try as we might to get along with everyone, it just really isn’t possible. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s our duty to ‘try’… but there will always be those we just don’t ‘click’ with.

I genuinely try to instill in the children a ‘fair’ minded type of play… to share… and the concept of, ‘it’s better to give then to receive’. That doesn’t always go over so well with a three and five year old, as I’m sure every mother can imagine. But strive we must as mom’s trying to teach our little charges the right thing.

Today, the boys were outside in the sandbox enjoying the beautiful fall day playing famously. I was busily chopping up veggies for my vegetable soup I was going to can. Allllll ooooffff aaaa sssssuuuddeeeennnn, wonderful, joy filled playing ceased and turned into screaming and loud, ‘NOOOOOOOOO’ssssssssssssssss!’

So as a mother of six, I recognize that this is not a life or death situation simply by the ‘type’ of scream, (we mom’s know the different screams don’t we?)… so I walk over to the dining room window, look out and there is one sweet little boy clinging to his toy tractor for dear life and screaming for the other dear sweet boy to not take it away. I observe for a short while to see what is really happening… and then I dealt with it.

Life is filled with such conflicts, though as adults I hope we can avoid the screaming 😉

The lesson I’m trying to teach my children is to act fairly in life even when life seems so unfair….

…and of course the golden rule, “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you…

Until next time,


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