True Beauty


“Beauty is not in the face, it is a light in the heart”… author unknown.

We can look out to nature for all the beauty that she holds…

The light of the sun’s rays gently shining through a sky filled with clouds creating an elusive lighting that reflects something that no artist hand could dream of duplicating…

A sunset over a still lake… a swan gliding across the waters surface, amazingly motionless… a cloud’s shadow running across a field as it races overhead…

Beauty. Simplicity. Nothingness.

Pretty is as pretty does is a saying that I gently remind my daughter of regularly. You see in my opinion, which is very biased, I think my daughter is a very outwardly beautiful young woman. I often remind her that no matter how ‘pretty’ she is, when she opens her mouth and something not nice comes out… the pretty isn’t there any longer.

She is a young woman with a slight attitude… which by the way, she gets honestly <blushing- somewhat>

She is strong willed, again coming by honestly.

She is spirited.

She is free….

Her soul longs for belonging. For meaningfulness. For security…

My daughter is forever an extension of my heart and she’ll forever tug at it.

Her beauty is not only in her face… it shines out from her heart as she reaches in the direction of where He is leading her.

Lets take the time to behold the beauty that surrounds us each day… in the faces of our children.
Until next time,


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