“The quiet sense of something lost…”

“The quiet sense of something lost” ― Alfred Tennyson

Can you relate to this quote?

I pondered it and as I’ve been trying to be strong in thinking of my daughter moving to another state… this quote is becoming very real to me.

I have several friends whose daughters live out of state and they have been very comforting to me since this decision has been made…. but my heart secretly is aching… this loss is becoming harder to believe…

Taylor has always been more of a daddy’s girl, but as she has grown into young womanhood, I think we’ve grown closer in a different kind of way.

I know her heart is trying to be strong as well… she is torn between adulthood and the safety of ‘the nest’…
As I write this I can’t help but have silent tears…
I need to be strong for her… yet I want her to know how desperately I love her… how much I am going to miss her… and how much my heart is aching…


I know I’m far from the first and hardly the last mother to see one of the children leave home and move away… I just wish it wasn’t quite so far.

I know it could be much further…

I know it could be under worse circumstances…

I know that she could be living with strangers…

I know.


I’ve always said she is a rose just waiting to burst into bloom… I just wish she would bloom closer to my heart…
I’m thankful though that she can come home often and we can talk everyday…

…. so rather than cry and pout, I’ll put on a smile and love her all the way across the miles…

Until next time,


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