Our children grow older.  The time for them to leave the ‘nest’ presents itself and adjustments need to be made by the whole family.

Good-byes are bittersweet… you love to see your children move into adulthood where they can grow and mature, yet the mother-heart strings are short and tight.

I’ve always said that I won’t go through the ’empty nest’ issues… and honestly I don’t think I will.

You see… I love to be alone. I love absolute peace and quiet. I love to hear each sound that nature is screaming in silence. These are things that this mother of six very rarely experiences.

… and although I love each of my children with all my heart… I can envision my future with that empty nest.

I want to love each one of them enough to let them soar away on wings of courage. Walk away, not run… in quiet and blazing joy… in confidence with my blessing.

My oldest and only daughter will be leaving next week for a new job opportunity in another state… only four and half hours away, but still away.

It’s the parting that we’ve both known was only waiting to happen.  She’ll be turning twenty when the snow flies and she is needing to spread her wings allowing the current of life to lift her into it.  I’m comforted knowing that she’ll be living with friends from our church and that she’ll attend our sister church. She has many friends there… yet there will still be adjustments… for both of us.

Life keeps moving on. Each day passes by like the clouds high above…
As the wise man Solomon wrote… there is a time and a season for everything under the sun…

Until next time,



6 thoughts on “Good-byes

  1. My youngest is out now, for the last few months, the oldest two were in out at at dad’s part time, but my baby was with me always. I miss her and yes, I do have empty nest, thanks for sharing your experience

  2. When my oldest daughter left for college, I also moved away. I was living in NY when Karen moved to Colorado, and a month later I moved to California with my youngest daughter. My “nest” has hardly been empty. The kids kept moving back home, and then moving out again. But for the very short time I had an empty nest – I savored every single moment of it. Currently my youngest daughter, her hubby and their two beautiful children are living with me. And in a way, it’s comforting to have them here as my birthdays keep coming faster and faster.

    And you’re right – you’re a mother of six (I have 3) and by the time they all go off on their own – I bet you’re going to find a nice quiet place and just breathe a sigh of gratitude that you were a great mom!

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