Unbreakable Bond


“You never leave my mind, even though I have a million things to worry about.” Author unknown.

Our children are a part of our souls. The bond that ties us to them seems unbreakable… but is it?

What mother doesn’t think about the safety and well being of her child? Each time they drive away… go on a trip… and even just head off to school… they are woven into our hearts like the veins in a leaf.

What about when our children wrong us? When they disappoint us? When they fail to fulfill ‘our’ dreams for their lives? What then?

With six children, the dreams for each are so meshed into my heart that it takes real effort to let them spread their wings and fly on their own. That natural instinct to reach out when you see them falling…

I believe the story of the prodigal son and his father is an example to all mothers and fathers today. One of complete forgiveness and compassion… That father never stopped loving his child, even after he squandered all of his inheritance… cheated, lied and no doubt, humiliated his parents.

This father I am sure looked down the road several times throughout the day… waiting, praying, watching, hoping. Then the day came and then with outstretched arms and a loving kiss on his neck… what a welcome for this young man.

I believe that father had his son’s heart for the rest of his life… because of love and compassion.
Oh that I may always have that for my children as they grow…that our hearts will ever be united and woven together in an unbreakable bond.

Until next time,


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