Many Hands Make Light Work


“Many hands make light work” is an old time saying from when communities worked together to get large projects completed.

I think this is still an important part of many peoples lives. Community and school gardens are popping up all over the country in cities. People taking land that has sat empty and rejuvenating it. Toiling together for a better today and tomorrow.

Every year I can and freeze a lot of food for my family… it’s our mainstay.  This week we had our big corn day. Taylor, Ethan and Ryan along with both little boys came along to our friends house to help do the corn.

There’s a process to get the job done. It starts at about 7am when the pickers go get the corn.  Today we had several hundred dozens- a very heaping pick up bed full and lawn mower trailer piled high. It takes about 8-10 ears of corn to make four cups of cut corn, or 1 quart… we did well over two hundred quarts today. It took many hands.

Next is the husking and silking. We’re kinda of spoiled with the silking though… there’s an electrical silker in our community that people can rent… very slick and very time saving… like 2-4 hours saved. This is a wonderful job for the smaller children… all they have to do is put the ear in the hole and then it falls out of the other end into another child’s hands that put them into tubs. Then there are the adults who do the final inspection and get whatever didn’t come off in the silker.

Next are the cookers and coolers… this is a job for the older children. Then the cutters and packers. Once a job is done, that crew jumps into one of the other tasks where more hands are needed…

Until finally we are all cutting and packing… then off course is the clean up… long day.

Our families should be a reflection of this type of community. Each one picks up the slack for the other. We help and do for each other, the older ones helping the younger.

Working together is something that we need to teach our children by example… just like love and patience.
My hearts prayer today is that the Lord would grant me grace to be their teacher…

Until next time,


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