Morning Glory….


This morning was so inviting… the mist covered the neighboring fields… the dew glistened in the early morning sunlight. A perfect morning to stroll and commune with Him…

The air wasn’t so cool and it felt good to just be out… breathing in the fresh air…

I just stood there. Closed my eyes. Crickets… chirping… mornings sounds. Listening to all that was awake and alive praising their creator for another glorious morning…

I took a deep breath in… slowly… and with complete concentration… fresh, unadulterated air… Such a blessing to be here, loving all the beauty that surrounds me. The green pastures and quiet woods. My gardens that I’m free to live with.

I love the smell of the early morning. When nothing’s been stirred. Each precious moment of living here.

The birds flitting in and out of the arbors green shroud… safety there for them. Freedom in the air… I use to dream of being able to fly when I was a child… I remember waking in the morning… wishing it were not just a far-away dream.

It’s a cleansing of the mind and soul to be alone in the morning… out in nature with the Lord… just Him and I.

I dread the coming winter.

No one was up except me and all the living things that call nature home and God their creator… I love my life.

Until next time,


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