The Executive Nerve Center


This past Sunday we had a visiting minister who preached on the topic of seals as they’re related to in the Bible. I thought that sounded pretty interesting… after all, the Word says we’re sealed with the Holy Ghost through our salvation in Jesus.

During the course of the sermon the minister referred to our brains executive nerve center. He explained this part of our brain is located just behind our forehead. It’s our brains ‘take in’ department of the memory card and loaded onto my laptop

He went on to explain out of Revelations how the Christians as well as the lost shall receive a mark ‘in’ their foreheads (Rev. 7:2-3 KJV).

As he went on, I was stuck at where he said ‘in’ and not ‘on’ the forehead.  I’ve read that scripture dozens of times and never really noticed that… I’ve always just unconsciously thought of the mark of the beast being ‘on’… Anyway I went and looked it up and sure enough, ‘in’!

His explanation on how the things we take into our minds is under the control of who has His/his mark ‘in’ my forehead. Who we yield that control over… the Lord or the evil one.


As I pondered more on this, I thought of my children and what influences that are entering their executive nerve center in just the everyday we call life. What are they taking in and is it pleasing to Him?

My hearts prayer today is that I can lead them to things that will build up their Christian lives… to be pleasing to the Lord… and that will give them victory in Jesus…

Until next time,


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