The Untamed Spirit



My daughter’s a free spirit… her soul is one that yearns and longs to dream and explore, yet desires boundaries decided upon by herself alone.

Her passion is for horses, it always has been. I believe her heart has loved this creature because of its wild yet tamable nature… kindred spirits are they.

I watch her fly across the open fields on his back, dashing across short banks of water just because they can.

I hate to try and tame her.

Her heart becomes more tender as she becomes older… wild spirit, gentle heart…

She tells me that she’s going to do what she wants and she knows that she’ll make mistakes… but they’re hers to make.

I understand that longing, yearning, the need to break free.
The need to understand oneself, the need to belong.

I love her with my entire soul and being…

We’re almost too much alike… both very dominant, strong willed, and we know what we want.
Our idea’s don’t always click.
How do I let her be herself without breaking her?

She can’t always have what she wants, and like most people, she doesn’t like that…
How can I set the example for this when I haven’t mastered it myself?

I love her spirit… I love to see her soar… watching her ride is magical… her body in the same motion with the animal.

She says she feels absolutely free when she’s riding… just her and wide open space.  The wind blowing her whispy hair…

On horseback… she is so beautiful… her spirit and her soul are as beautiful as she is outwardly.

I fully understand her heart… she is free yet bridled… she wants to soar, but can’t find the way to fly.
I see so much of myself in her… I see a young woman that needs freedom and yet want’s to be…

She doesn’t realize it yet, but we are kindred spirits, my daughter and I.

Until next time,


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