The raindrops are dripping off the petals of the roses as I sit on the porch… the rain has not ceased since early this morning…

Rainy day’s can be a challenge for me… I long to be outside, yet the weather forces me in- you’d think this is the time that I would be able to buckle down and write… but it’s not. It’s a challenge for me. I thrive on the sun and warmth… I love to be outside… writing, gardening, writing, gardening…

The winter is long enough to be forced inside for this lady. Although I realize that to enjoy my beloved gardens, rain we must receive. It is a blessing I know, yet I wish it’s presence to be in the wee hours of the night… when the birds and bumblebees and I slumber. Waking after a refreshing rain just smells good. Fresh. Cleansed. Renewed.

The earth must be renewed by the rain just as our spirit must be renewed daily by a deep relationship with the Lord. Our soul longs for it. It’s what we all need.

Renewing of the mind. Renewing of the spirit. Renewing of the heart. For me this happens in the gardens… my quiet space with the Lord. Without that connection, that link, we fade… fade as the rose’s petals fall because of the tumbling rain.

Until next time,


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