“in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength:…” Isaiah 30:b


The boys love to climb trees… all the boys! The other day Aaron was up in the apple tree, it’s not real big but big enough to be fun. Well, he went a little higher than he should of and suddenly was too scared to come down. Dad to the rescue. Neil reached up, took him under his arms and placed him gently back on the ground. “Tanks daade!”… and off he skipped to the next adventure.

I don’t think Aaron was really afraid… I was only about ten feet away and Neil was right there as well… I believe he had confidence that we would come right away.

Our children should have that kind of confidence in us as parents. They should never have to worry about where mom or dad are… they should be able to know that there will be a meal on the table, clean clothes in the dressers… But most importantly, love. They should be able to feel the love that abounds out of our hearts for them.

As children of the Heavenly King, we too should have this confidence. I want to have the kind of faith in Him that teaches my children that they too can trust Him with all their cares… even more than they trust us. I want to show them an example of my strength coming from Him… that I in myself can do nothing.

Like Aaron in the tree knowing we would come to his rescue, we too need believe that we can reach up to Him and He’ll be there to rescue us.

Until next time,


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