Being a gardener, I’ve always tried to teach my children about good bugs and bad bugs and not to be afraid of them. Well, I think I’ve succeeded.

I’m not afraid of ‘most’ bugs… spiders I can do without, even though I know they’re crucial to my gardens eco-system. They eat the bad bugs, which really is a help to me. Centipedes and grasshoppers gross me out… but I like worms. Evan as a child I can remember liking bugs…especially earth worms. There was something cute about them… they didn’t have teeth to bite me, or a stinger to inflict pain, or prickly legs that stuck to me. They really are a harmless, mind their own business kind of bug. I like that.

Today we were in the patio trying to stay cool and Aaron comes over to me holding a worm. He was very excited… as was I for him. I’m not a shriek’er- unless it’s a bat or a mouse… then look out! So here’s my baby stretching Mr. Wiggles per-re-te taught! I tell him to loosen the grip, that Mr. Wiggles isn’t happy.

We adults are kinda like that… don’t like to be stretched to the limits. We need a little room to breath and feel our way around. When stress levels are high for children or adults, we feel like Mr. Wiggles looks in the photo!

Young children seem to handle the normal daily stresses that occur in the home much better… they just keep rolling along. I believe that’s the innocent, child like faith that Jesus talks about…

My personal challenge each day is to strive for that childlike faith…one that will be pleasing to Him…one that will bless my husband and children… and one that reflects His love to all the world around.

Until next time,


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