Simplicity in Love


“Blessed are those that see beauty in simple things…”

I love standing off in the distance watching my children interact and play when they’re unaware of it. Seeing their brows crinkle with an intense look on their face when they’re working on something… the look of determination when they’re playing ball, “gonna hit a homer this time!”

The other day Aaron was playing in the backyard by himself, just a swingin’ away with not a care in the world. It was so cute… I watched for a bit and then decided to grab my camera. Mr. Personality was all too happy for a photo shoot! Laughing, showing off and carrying on.

Evan is a bit more of a serious fellow, although he has a very comical side to him as well. Dry humor! I especially love to watch him while he’s intently looking at a book. All of a sudden he’ll notice something new in one he’s looked at a million times. “MOM! Look at this!” So I go over and he tells me all his imaginary thoughts about the new discovery… I listen and ‘oohhh’ and ‘ahhhh’ at all the right parts. Just loving him. He loves to be loved.

Small wonderments of a child. They can be such an enlightenment if we only try to see things from their perspective. Such an innocence to seek after.





The other night little Aaron comes storming in the house! He had been outside with the other four boys watching them play ball. He says in his little boy way out of breath…”Mom! Moons ON!” Eyes twinkling with excitement to come and tell me that ‘our’ love moon was on. He thinks I can turn it on like a light switch.



I remind him that it is not I who turns it on, but our gracious Heavenly Father… His love moon to us.

Until next time,


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