Heart Love, Head Love

Arron_summer 2012_july houghten lake

“…Love coverth a multitude of sins…” Proverbs 10:12b KJV

“I love you mommy….” says little Evan looking at me with his big blue eyes. My heart overflows with a joy words cannot describe, yet every mother reading this fully understands what I’m saying… that full feeling… that “I’d do anything for you” feeling.

Occasionally my little man comes to shower me with these sentimental words and there’s a mischievous look that comes along with it. My usual response to this look is, “What’s wrong Evan?” His head tips this way and that way… he him-ha’s a bit, feet shifting this way and that… then he spills the beans.

He’s so cute. He really doesn’t like to get into trouble and typically avoids it at all costs. He sincerely feels bad for the most part. Then I get another “I love you mommy….” and into my arms he quickly slides and the blue eyes softly close. “It’s OK Evan, I forgive you…” I tenderly reassure his little heart. It’s so easy to love and forgive when we feel loved.

Although that’s not the way it is with our Heavenly Father. He loves and forgives unconditionally as we plead with Him and confess our mistakes to Him. Jesus’ love coverth a multitude of sins… all we need to do is ask.

“Heavenly Father, be with those that are feeling unloved and allow them to feel Your perfect, unfailing love in their lives as they seek your face. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”

Until next time,


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