Called Home

Arron_summer 2012_july houghten lake

The children are playing famously without any issues. The phone rings… someone knocks at the door… Then suddenly, all chaos breaks out… SHRIEK! SCREAM! “It’s MINE!!! MOM!!!!” I try to apologize… it never fails! I know each one reading this that has a child understands exactly what I’m talking about.

I received a horrible call from a friend today. One of those calls that you dread. A dear friend of mines sixteen year old son was killed in a farm accident. They have children the same ages as our first four… they’ve stayed at our home and we at theirs in Indiana. Our boys played wonderfully together.

When my friends family woke this morning and started their day, little did they realize the tragedy that would strike. I doubt the thought arose that they would be planning their son’s funeral this week. My heart aches for her…my friend.

I had to think of Kyle and Ethan as they go off each day to the farms they work at… sending a prayer after them… praying the Lord’s hand of safety upon them.

So often I get frustrated with the noise and the chaos, but right now I’m feeling pretty thankful for it…

Hug them a little tighter tonight, because tomorrow hold’s no promises.
Until next time,


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