No matter what….


You know when you have those heart to heart’s with one of your children… the tears flow… fears are shared… hugs are tight…

I said, “No mater what you do… no matter what you say, I will always forgive you… no matter what, because I love you so much.”

I don’t think that mothers can honestly say that to just anyone. I think that type of unconditional love has a place only for those whom we’ve suffered through childbirth for… That bond. That union. There’s a fierceness in mother that no one dares contend with where child is concerned.

Their battles are ours… their pain we feel… their joys we share… their life we try to guide… their tears we wipe… then secretly shed our own.

I look at my children snuggling in my arms in my minds eye… then all of a sudden they’re driving out the lane… it just happens so quickly. Time.

I am convinced that the only thing we can ever do is love them for who they are and trust them into His almighty hands.

Pray, pray, pray… when no one else is praying, mother is…
Until next time,


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