Early Morning Peace


The air’s cool this morning… the sun’s bright and warm… I’m all alone and there is silence except the birds in the yard flirting with one another and having their morning glory… solitude brings peace to me.

My son Kyle has recently acquired a horse. He’s enjoying it immensely and seems to be a real natural on it. He’s up bright and early and right out for his morning jaunt. I had to wonder what he might be seeing this beautiful morning… what he’s thinking about… if he’s seeing God’s glory in it all…

He’s always been a very sensitive child. I remember when he was quite young, six or so, he was playing quite happily and suddenly the baby cried. He stopped what he was doing and went over and tenderly consoled him. His spirit is still like that at almost sixteen…

Guidance… how to lead a child unto the ways of God so that they will forever follow His leading for their lives. This is one of the challenges I feel so challenged with. They each are so different with their personalities… to love each one the way they need to be loved and encouraged… Oh this is the wisdom that I seek after.

“Maternal work is never done, mother concern never relaxed. A mother’s anxiety goes on as long as she and her children live. Her apron strings are divinely elastic, and though stretched to the ends of the earth they will not break.” – George N. Luccock

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Early Morning Peace

  1. Kyle is such a sweet and pleasant young man! He was so friendly and easy going when I saw him at the market last week. He was talking about going to a horse auction that night, must be what he came home with!!

    Thanks for sharing, your posts always bring tears to my eyes.

    • THanks Blythe! He’s pretty special too me… they all are. Actually, that’s the horse we have had for a week, LOL! They went to look for one for Taylor… I’ll to tell you about that this weekend, LOL! Sorry I missed you, I forgot to tell the children to tell you that my friend ended up selling the sweet potato plants at market, b/c she thought I didn’t end up wanting them! So frustrating! I am really sorry about that! Thanks for your kind words… I really appreciate knowing you Blythe! Best, Jean


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