When you see the word appealing, what does it make you think of?

Well, I think of my children making great attempts to ‘appeal’ to me. They appeal their rights, their idea’s and their desires to name a few. Children are passionate about how they feel… I’m learning this more and more each day as my daughter becomes a woman with her own idea’s and desires. They don’t always mesh with mine, and I am trying to understand, challenging though it is some days.

As adults we too appeal, often in the same ways as our children. We want to be understood and loved, we want to be listened to and cared for, we desire to be valued and respected.

Appealing is also what mothers do on a daily basis ‘for’ their children. The kind of appealing I’m talking about is when we’re on our knees for them… appealing to the Lord to keep His hand of safety and protection over them… for guidance and wisdom in training them ‘in the way they should go’… loving each one, as different as they are, the way they need to be loved as individuals…

I look at these precious young souls and the challenge to remain focused on the goal of raising them for Him and His glory seems overwhelming some days. But I believe that He will not forsake me and that my prayers will not be in vain…

“I remember her prayers, and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.”- Abraham Lincoln
Until next time,


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