Happy Smiles


“Happy is the child to whom the love a mother is a noble stimulus.” – Hamilton Wright Mabie

I love to see my children’s happy smiles… what mother doesn’t?

I love to watch them play and laugh… giggling when a butterfly floats on a breeze or when a humming bird whizzes by speedily. The innocent wonderment of their lives exhilarates me bringing a smile to my face. Aaron and Even will be busy in the sandbox making roads and ditches for their toy tractors to go through. Making all the ‘rrrhhhhuuuummmmssss’ and crash sounds of their heavy machinery.

The older boys now have a different look… one of determination and a will to ‘get it done!’ Men in the making. They no longer crawl up in my lap for tender mommy moments. It’s different now… resting on the arm of the couch beside me showing me a picture in a magazine or standing over my shoulder while I rest in the chair telling me about the days latest and greatest. The excitement in their tones as they tell me how they got the horse to finally gallop.

Then my daughter… a rose blooming. So young and eager for the next adventure, just awaiting what will present itself around the next bend in the road. Her high spirits and quick temper remind me more of myself then I care to admit. But I see what the Lord has done in and for me, and I will trust her safely into His tender, patient hands.

Happy is the child when mother…
Tenderly chides…
Sweetly caresses…
Lovingly guides…
Patiently watches…

The wisdom to stimulate positively takes much care. Ohhh, that my Heavenly Father will continue to lead and direct my paths so that I may ‘train them up in the way they should go, so when they are old, they will depart from it….’

Until next time,


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