The Absense of Time


“I could not fail to be influenced by so good a mother.” Samuel Smiles

Time seems to keep moving on to what seems faster day after day…

When I look at my children and imagine tomorrow, sometimes fear wells up in my heart. Why? Where is my faith in believing that God is in control and as long as I put them in His unfailing hands, everything will be alright? Why do I doubt when the storms of life start to cover me?

I’m sure all mothers go through these times of doubt… times of dismay… times of unfaithfulness…

When I look into their eyes and see the trust that they have in me… I feel so unworthy… Though my heart is full of love for them I fail in so many ways. When I saw this quote by what appears to be a devoted son, I have to wonder if that is the legacy that I will leave with my children…

Will they remember me working with them… or working them? Will they remember these devotions or the stories I read to them? Will they remember the tender words and caresses or will they remember the hasty words when impatience settles in?

Some days being a mother holds so much joy, while at other times the grief involved is terribly hard to surrender too. May each one of us forever lay these cares and burden’s at the feet of the One who cares and keep pressing on.

Until next time,


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