Evan’s Lost Glasses

Evan is now five and a half years old and has had three pair of glasses over a two and a half year span.


When we originally told him about getting glasses he was excited… even liked the exam… thrilled to pick them up and was very good about wearing them… at first.

Well, after he had them for awhile, he didn’t much care for them after all… they suddenly became ‘lost’. We figured we’d give him some more time before we’d go get another pair, after all he was just three. So after his fourth birthday we took him for a re-check and ordered a new pair. This time he wasn’t so excited… they too became lost. We then purchased a replacement pair… which too became lost. I don’t think he intentionally lost them… he would just put them down while playing outside and couldn’t remember where he’d left them lay. He did it often and most times he could find them…

Completely dismayed, Evan and I prayed that Jesus would help us find the ‘lost’ glasses… Evan really did earnestly pray that day… so much I cried. I told him that Jesus always answers prayers… sometimes He says ‘yes’ right away, sometimes He says ‘no’ and sometimes He say’s ‘wait awhile’… Well, that was about six months ago. Faith.

Yesterday Kyle and Ethan were playing ball in the front yard… Ethan went to grab a grounder and suddenly noticed something… he reached down and held up Evan’s glasses! Evan was so excited… he looked at me and said, “Mom, I promise I’m gonna wear em’!” I asked him if he remembered how we’d prayed… he got a happy smile and just said, “Yup!”

This was a good reminder for me… faith isn’t in the seeing, it’s in the believing.
Until next time,


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