The Newness of Spring

grape hyacinths_emailver

Spring brings regeneration and new birth. We’re all anticipating the trees leafing out, flowers blooming and that fresh scent that seems to naturally appear this time of year.

Evan and Aaron were playing outside today enjoying the warmth of the sunshine and the freedom that ‘outside’ brings… howling like wolves, running like a team of stampeding stallions, hooting and frolicking. You moms know… the sounds we prefer not to have ‘inside’. They are also enjoying the mud… by the time they come in, they will be in dire need of a bath.

Like the little boys needing a bath to wash away the mud, many years ago I realized I needed to be cleansed by the the blood of Christ. When I came to know the Lord as my personal Saviour, it was a rejuvenation to my soul… my new birth.

As the days and years have gone by, and my faith has been tried and tested… I long to know Him more deeply… to sing the songs of His praise… to draw closer to Him in my everyday walk. My hearts prayer today is that His perfect love can be seen reflecting out in my life drawing others closer to Him.

Until next time,


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