Good or Poor Service


Recently we heard a very interesting sermon on good and poor service. In our society when we hear people talking about good and poor service, we more than likely think of cell phones. Although the moral of the sermon wasn’t cell phones, it was relating to the kind of service each of us provide for our family. There are times when I really need to get something done… nothing major, but still necesary… it never fails that is when little Arron will come tug on my skirt for a hug… or Evan will beg for a story… will they someday say that ‘mom was too busy’? I pray not… Children need much care and require time specifically dedicated to their needs. Needless to say, having six children ranging from nineteen to two and a half, five being boys…. I have my hands full with trying to provide everyone with ‘good’ service.

Personally I feel this all relates to priorities and contentment. Are my priorities where the Lord would have them at this stage of my life? I confess I often find myself wishing away ‘stages’ of my children’s lives… especially the teen-age years. Wishing the diaper days to be long past and even dreaming of an empty nest occasionally. The stresses and cares of raising these children up for His glory can be a very demanding task.

My hearts prayer today is that the Lord would help me to be content in every circumstance… that He would help me understand and appreciate each phase of my children’s development as a new adventure in our lives… a gift from Him.

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