Hopes and dreams…


Whether we are children or adults, everyone of us is filled with hopes and dreams. It may be of a family to call our own… or maybe a new home… or possibly a reconciliation with a friend or loved one. No matter what your dream is, it is deeply placed within your heart. You don’t share it with everyone, maybe only one or two very dear people… it may even be a secret. But He knows…

When a hope is crushed or a dream shattered, can we look beyond and believe it is for our betterment? Can we really have faith that God knows what is best for us… much better than we do ourselves? Can we believe that if we can just let go of what ‘I’ want, He will fill us up with something so much greater?

What a challenge… have you been there? I have… but now I can see that He knew what was best… and He has taken that loss and given me something just as wonderful by incorporating my lost love within the new…

I can say with all sincerity from the depths of my heart… He does know what’s best… won’t you trust Him with your hopes and dreams?

Until next time,


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