Pretty Is As Pretty Does….


I was recently called something not so nice, “A few fries short of a happy meal…” to be exact. Quite rude, but everyone is entitled to their opinions… including me. I’ve never been one to take others opinions, especially negative ones, about me too much to heart. We don’t click with everyone, such is life. As long as I know, and the Lord, that my feelings toward that person are ones of forgiveness and understanding, then I can on with a pure peace of mind.

The other day I talked about building character in our children and how we need to set examples for them. When we find out that someone said a negative comment or has spread a lie and rumor about us, how do we respond? Do we allow the sudden hurt, shock and anger to take over our emotions in a negative way… or do we realize that, yes it was not a nice thing but they aren’t worth it disturbing our peace of mind. The later needs to be what we do with these kind of instances in our lives. The Bible says that offenses will come, and come they will. But holding grudges is like drinking poison yourself and wishing the other person would die… it doesn’t work that way… we are the ones that be consumed and die. I don’t mean a physical death here… I’m talking about spiritual death… a death of peace…in reality, suicide.

‘Pretty is as pretty does’ is an old cliche, but how true it is. Let the beauty that we want others to see in us be this kind of example… one of love and forgiveness.

Until next time,
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