Times Ticking On…

sWinter... it's here.

As I was folding laundry the other day I started thinking about my time… realizing as I’ve gotten older time appears to be moving faster and I am moving slower. It frightens me to a certain degree, yet it makes me want to push harder and focus my time and energy on what matters. When we look at our life and what each day holds… all the schedules and responsibilities we’re faced with, we can begin to feel weighed down. As I pondered this, I realized I don’t like to waste my time on things I know I won’t do well at and things I don’t enjoy. I tend to drift towards my comfort zones and areas of expertise. Although I’m not afraid to try new things I’ve become enamored with, I just wouldn’t bother with things that aren’t important to me… my time is so precious that I must stay focused.

I must concentrate first on my relationship with my Saviour Jesus… then my marriage and raising our children… then on my personal love of gardens and writing. This is where my heart is screaming to be… my mind and soul are fighting a battle as the current of life is flowing downstream and I’m wrestling up stream. I have to stop and go… go with the flow of my life and stop trying to force things into a mold that I don’t fit in…

I want to grow deeper in my Christian walk… become better friends with my husband… play with and get to know my children. I want to write about all these things that I love… I want to be selfish about my time and stop giving where I don’t want to. I want to be who Christ made me to be….

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…” Ecclesiastes 3:1
Until next time,
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