Head and Heart

“I’m going to pray that your head wants to do what your heart wants to do…” said a very dear friend to me…. Decisions will be made from either the head or the heart.

Children often want to please daddy and mommy. Evan will see me working at something and offer to help…a decision from the heart. Reassurance of a job well done and some token of adoration, whether it be a pat on the head, a kiss on the cheek or a ‘great job sweetie’ is all that is needed to send him on his way with a smile.

We find ourselves in situations everyday where a decision needs to be made… some are head and some are heart. We pay our taxes simply because it’s the right thing to do for obvious reasons, head decision. When we need to make a choice where our passions are involved this is altogether different. Our motivation when our passions drive our decision making process will more often be heart felt. We do the right thing because it’s a sincere desire within us… like nurturing our children. Either way, we are doing what we perceive to be the honorable thing. Like children, we also enjoy receiving kind words and sentiments of appreciation.

I want to please my Heavenly Father and within my heart there’s a yearning… a deep longing to be all that Christ wants me to be. My heart and soul pine to be united with Him… Living the fruits of the Spirit in my life… meekness, temperance, long suffering, heart decisions. For others to see the Lords grace in my life is what I aspire to do thereby pleasing my Heavenly Father….and then someday hear those words of affirmation… ‘well done my faithful servant, enter into the joys of the Lord…’

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