Lullaby Love Song

I’ve always made up sing-songs to the children using the tunes from hymns we sing at church. Aaron loves to sing… at church he takes his song book and in every sense of the word makes a  joyful noise unto the Lord, looking up into the heavens singing his little heart out. The ladies will come up to me afterward and tell me how sweet it is to hear him just
singin’ away… I believe the Lord looks on down with a smile when His children sing to Him. 

The other night I was snuggling Aaron… he was so sleepy and just wanted to be held… all of a sudden he looks up at me and says, “Mummy…” and then he starts to hummm a song… that’s his way of asking me to sing to him. When I look into his round, blue eyes they are filled with so much love and adoration…  his eyes speak a love language that fills my heart with so much motherly passion words can barely express it… If you have a little one you know… you know that love that fills you up to overflowing…

I believe that’s the way our Heavenly Father looks upon His children…
with love and compassion… desiring to wrap us up into His arms and
protect.  He too want’s us to look up to Him with love and trust that
He’ll take care of us.
These baby days will be gone so quickly and there won’t be anymore opportunities to hold them and sing… They’ll look to other sources for love and security as they mature and become adults.  It’s up to us as mothers to guild them to the true source of assurance that can only be had in a personal relationship with Him…

Until next time,

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