Snowman of Love

Snowman_Evan n Taylor

Taylor was thirteen when Evan was born and has always been kinda like a second mamma to him. It had been several years since we had a baby in the house and when he came home she always wanted this real life baby ‘doll’. She took such tender care with him… She changed many diapers, cuddled and played… it was to her outstretched arms that he took some of his first steps… and many love notes were cooed in her ear while she rocked him. Once she got her license he went everywhere with her which allowed me to be able to take care of the ‘new’ baby more easily… he became her ‘side-kick’ as many referred to him… the relationship they have is quite sweet.

We got lots of snow last night… six inches of wet, heavy snow… perfect for snowman building! As I was explaining this to Evan, Taylor piped up right off… all the way from upstairs! She is a winter baby and loves everything to do with my least favorite time of year. So after all the bundling, off the two went… carrot and scarf in hand. Aaron and I stayed in and watched from the dining room window… what fun they had laughing and rolling. As I watched them I couldn’t help but think how special this memory will be for both of them as a tear welled up in my eye…

Relationships are built on love and kindness… security, faith… it’s all balanced and hinged on love… it has to be fostered and nurtured… dealt with oh so tenderly… just like that tiny baby in your arms. Some day that baby is going to grow up and that love will be reflected in their lives toward others…

Until next time,
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