"Dear Jesus…"

Poor little boys… stomach flu has struck. Last evening we started in with those terrible words that every mother hates to hear, “Mommy, my stomach hurts…”  Not much later things started to fly~ literally … I didn’t get much sleep last night and decided it would be wise to sleep with the night light on so if Aaron happened to have round two in bed… I didn’t feel like changing the sheets again! Four thirty in the morning called for a change of clothes and diaper for the wee man… what a mess.  Such is the life of a mommy…

Earlier today Evan was lying on the couch and wanted me to sit with him because his tummy was starting to hurt again… so I snuggled in with him and the bucket. I was talking to one of the other children when I heard Evan muttering something. I turned to ask him what he said when I saw his sweet blue eyes closed and small little paddies folded… he was whispering a prayer. As I listened quietly, he was asking Jesus to make it so he didn’t throw up again and to please make him feel better.  When he opened his eyes I was just smiling at him… he said he hoped Jesus would help him.  I told him to have faith and believe… “What’s faith mommy?”  Oh my heart… this sweet little child…so I tried to answer as best as I could on such a complex question to a five year old… “Faith is believing that God can make you feel better and trusting that He will.”  He looked at me with hope in his eyes… “Okay mommy…”

But right now all is well… Aaron is playing with his favorite toy… the electric hand mixer~ he loves to hear it go and Evan is cuddling with his kitty on the couch… I am working on supper… all is well and good.

Until next time,


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