Unconditional Love

I saw a man die tonight.  I was on my way to the writer’s workshop I’ve been taking and I witnessed a car drive right into the back of a semi… He died shortly after the collision.  I was about to pull out behind that semi, but as I looked at the oncoming traffic the car seemed to be moving at a very high speed… I chose to wait.  As the car passed by me I thought, “Surely he is going to slow down!   Is there a passing lane on the other side of the semi I’m just not seeing?” Smash! Glass everywhere… fire…. I got out and immediately called 911… neighbors came with fire extinguisher… they told him to hold on, help was coming… he was crushed, head hung… grey hair, big fellow…
Siren’s and lights coming in the distance… I can’t believe this is happening… a different decision and I would have been right there in the midst of the glass…and death…

What is unconditional love? I’ve thought a lot about this the last while…Do I love only when things are being done to my specifications? Do I withhold love when disobedience or rebellion rise up against me? Spouse, children, friends… do I treat them differently?  When I think about conditional love and how I expect it to be given to me, I wonder if I ‘do unto others’…

Tonight someone got a phone call… a most dreaded phone call… Were angry words left undone, or will this sudden good bye bring pain yet not regret of hurts neglected?  If we were to be taken suddenly, would we leave pain to a loved one or mostly happy memories?  None of us have an assurance for tomorrow. That man didn’t wake this morning thinking he would not slip back into bed tonight… but he’s not. We don’t know when our time will come and not everyone will be given the opportunity to make wrongs right.

Lets take this day and realize what really matters and why…
Until next time,



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