The other night when I was tucking Evan into bed he asked another one of his so sweet & innocent questions… “Mommy, is it tomorrow?”… I smile and put my hand on his cheek and tell him, “No Ev an, it’s today, but when you wake up in the morning it will be tomorrow.”  “Oh! Good, I can’t wait then!”  And that was that and he snuggled in close and fell asleep. I just had to think, “I wonder if he’ll ask me in the morning if it’s tomorrow!”  At the ripe ole age of five, Evan has no concept that tomorrow will be today tomorrow and today will be yesterday tomorrow.

Isn’t that the way it is though? Time ticks on day after day and where are we going? Evan had big plans for ‘tomorrow’ as he drifted off to sleep… dreams of setting up his play farm in his make believe pasture… dreams of building a snowman with big brother Kyle… dreams of spaghetti for lunch… We all have dreams and hopes… not only for ourselves but for our children. What are we doing to make those dreams come to fruition… hopes, dreams, inspirations… they are the well spring of our lives… they keep us looking into tomorrow with that continual ‘hope’. That’s what it really boils down to… hope which in turn needs faith…

“Life is a highway on which the years go by, sometimes the road is level, sometimes the hills are high. But as we travel onward to a future that’s unkonw, we can make each mile we travel a heavenly stepping stone!”  Helen Steiner Rice

Until next time,


One thought on “Tomorrow…

  1. My favorite "tomorrow" verse is Jeremiah 29:11. No matter what tomorrow brings, I know the Lord has plans for that involve hope for me and my family. By faith, we can always expect God's goodness in our "tomorrows." The quote by Helen Steiner Rice fits this promise beautifully. Lovely post, Jean!

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