When Pigs Fly…

Well, today’s writing is going to be a bit different for my Wren readers than normal. I like to typically write about uplifting, encouraging and challenging things in the realm of Christian motherhood while using real life ‘adventures’ here from our home.  Well, today I’m going to share with all you a ‘true’ adventure, but along a different line….

So I’ve been sick since last Wednesday and not feeling like going on any errands, but Neil is busy and asks if I would please go with Kyle. Of course I say ‘sure’, (LOL)… Now Kyle’s driving the pickup going a good 55mph pulling our little pony trailer with a 615# sow in it… yes that number IS correct! I’m sitting there enjoying the beautiful day… baby Aaron’s riding along shot gun just pretty content with the big piggy in the back… then suddenly Kyle says, “Hey, that stupid pig is standing up….” So he pulls over, gets out and smacks the thing down.  On we go again…not so relaxed…  about a mile down Kyle says much more excitedly, “Oh no, she jumped!”  Yes, you read that right too! That stupid pig jumped right out of the back of the trailer, flipped in the air and landed square on her haunches! Unbelievable! I couldn’t believe it, I thought surely he is joking.  I look out the side view mirror and sure enough, there that pig is strutting along the side of the road.  Kyle quick found a field lane to turn around in and headed back. She had not gone far for she was quite injured… she had hobbled off into the field and laid down… as our friend later said, “She’s got quite the monkey butt!”… think Arangatang- not pretty! 

One of our sows in a birthing stall

“Now what?” I asked Kyle.  Neil was home with no vehicle- Taylor was in Bay City with the car.  Suddenly several people stopped… three different men came and litterally saved the day.  Now, I am sure that ‘most’ of my readers do not know the nature of a pig… but I will tell you in short order they don’t come when you call (I’m not talking about little pot bellied pet pigs here!) and they don’t ‘typically’ go in a trailer easily.  This one had already been a handful to load. 

…Well without too many more details, we got the pig and she will make wonderful sausage!
And the moral of today’s story? … Pigs can and will fly if they so choose and have the opportunity- been there, done that!

Until next time,


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