Little Boys and Puddles…

“Hey! Now there’s a puddle!”

What is it about little boys and puddles?  No offense to little girls out there, I’m sure they are somewhat attracted to them, but I believe puddles call out to little boys!  As most of you know, we live on a farm with five boys, and with this farm comes a lot of mud ~ and I mean a lot!  I remember when Kyle was just about Evan’s age (5) and we were at a friends house.  It was raining and then cleared up… they lived on a farm too ~ with mud. We were washing dishes and there were our two little boys holding hands playing ring around the rosie… in a puddle. Yes it was absolutely adorable and I grabbed my camera and took several black and white photos that now adorn a very cute scrapbook page in Kyles album. It was too cute… even after we hosed em’ off and gave warm baths.  Little boys…

Yes Ethan & Ryan have had their mud puddle events as well and many happy memories have been made in puddles… Evan and Aaron are in the making of these memories now too. I don’t really mind, after all they are boys and they like mud and dirt… and puddles.  What amazes me though is how they can stand to be so wet and dirty… I haven’t figured that one out yet… not even after five boys!  What are memories that you have with your children? What are the memories they are making right now?  I often talk about memory making… I think it because I like to journal and scrap book… all memory things.  I love the idea that they can go back into their scrapbooks and ‘see’ the memories. 

I love my children so much and I realize they will have many memories… I wish I could say just happy ones, but we are only human.  The good come with the sad… As a mom I wish I could protect them from every hurt that could ever happen to them… keep them under my wings and shelter them from the storms that will come in life.  I wish I never had to try and explain why something isn’t good for them… that they would just trust and obey…

Trust and obey… I need to set the example of trusting and obeying my Father… showing that in everything I have put my desires before the Lord and sought His guidance in every decision that needs to be made… Oh to be able to do that faithfully… through my example I pray for each of them…

Until next time,



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