Bluebirds in Fall…

The other day as we were getting ready for market I noticed what looked like a Eastern Bluebird flying around the front garden. I thought surely not, not in the fall… but sure enough there were not one but two~ a pair I imagine! They were going over to the bird house that was meant for them, but get bullied out of each Spring by the sparrows… and again they were being harassed by them. They must have been migrating South and happened by our yard for a rest and bite to eat… either way, it was extremely special to me on such a busy day.  As I stopped to watch them for awhile, they were busily in the garden looking for bugs along with the Gold Finches eating sunflower seeds with the Blue Jays… it was really enchanting… a bit later the Bluebirds, Gold Finches and Sparrows were all bathing and drinking out of the same puddle in the drive way… we got rain all night! I thought about how nicely they were all getting along now compared to earlier with the bird house.  I think the difference was there is just one bird house compared to multiple puddles… (or ‘muddles’ as Evan calls them)… and food opportunities.   We can be a bit like that too, can’t we? 

Everything is going along just fine, we’re all getting along famously and then…  There are two friends competing for the same job position… or a family member just got another new car~ (the third in four years) while we drive the same old one we’ve had for the last eight years… or the neighbor just got a new roof and windows when ours are leaking and drafty… fill in your situation here…  We all can because we are all human and have wants and desires and dreams… we also have needs that sometimes we may not feel are being quite met accordingly by friend, family member or spouse…

What it all boils down to is vanity though… what we want that is.  Sometimes we just have to let go of the wants and understand that if we can’t be content with the situation at present, we probably won’t be content with the situation we think we want.  That’s the way want’s go… ‘much want’s more’.
As we trust Him with our life and allow Him to determine our path the consequences are sure to fit just right… that is with His perfect plan for us…

“The only way I will keep a pliable, obedient spirit in the larger decisions is to look to Him and to obey in the smaller ones.”  Catherine Marshall

Until next time,



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